Our ground beef, ribeyes, strip steaks, brisket, flat iron steaks, and many more products are from the Seven Hills Abattoir and Meat Company in Lynchburg, Virginia. They source their beef from Virginia family farm raised Angus beef and process it in the largest independent slaughterhouse (abattoir) in Virginia. This facility was built over 100 years ago for this purpose, but has been updated with the most modern meat processing technology. Bottom line is that you can taste the difference.

Autumn Olive Farms is an award winning small family farm located north of Waynesboro in the central Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Since 2008 AOF has been synonymous with quality, consistency, integrity, and innovation. They cross the purebred Ossabaw Island and English Berkshire to several ratios to achieve particular outcomes.  One outcome is that the Berkabaw brings many of the marvelous qualities of the Ossabaw into the marketplace. On the Ossabaw they add depth of body, a smaller bone that improves the meat to bone ratio and efficient hard fat development that has an amazing flavor and texture. With the Berkshire they gain length of body, gentleness/manageability, terrific yield, great fat to meat ratio, short muscle fiber (tenderness) and accelerated growth.

We get primal cuts of loin and belly in and hand cut these on site into tenderloins, chops, sirloin roasts, ribs, and belly. We also render down in the fat into lard. We also carry their Nitrate and Nitrite free hot dogs, as well as their sage, chorizo, and curry sausages.

​Located in Surry County Virginia, Edwards has been the premiere supplier of hams, sausage, and bacon since 1926. We carry their smoked and pepper bacon, smoked and unsmoked link sausage, country ham, and their award winning Surryano ham.

Our lamb comes from Meadow's Pride Farm in Monterey, Highland County , Virginia. They are dedicated to sustainable and humane farming practices, and their meat is hormone- and antibiotics-free. From the owner's: "Our lambs graze the mountain pastures around our home, where the high elevation and cooler temperatures foster a mix of cool-season forages. We supplement the lambs’ hillside grazing with a non-GMO barley feed, which enhances the marble finishing of the meat and enables us to provide our customers with consistent, year-round product."  

 Chef constantly looks for the best quality meat and locally sourced from farms and meat companies in Virginia. Our ribeyes and strip steaks are graded prime, the rest of our beef is graded Choice and aged for 21 days. We cut our steaks and chops on premises.